Prototype Website

Rapid Website Prototyping & Deployment System (RaWPaDS)


Prototype Website

This website is a copyrighted prototype created utilizing SIMD, Strategy for Integrated Modular Design, and RaWPaDS, the Rapid Website Prototyping and Deployment System. SIMD is a design tool, written in PHP, enabling rapid website prototyping and deployment. SIMD is driven by a conceptual understanding of what makes a website function properly and how expansion can be achieved without undermining or disrupting existing infrastructure. RaWPaDS is the embodiment of SIMD — the physical collection of programmed modules and templates that enables websites to be cloned, thereby enabling the rapid deployment for which SIMD is intended.

Both SIMD and RaWPaDS have been released to production. I am presently “tweaking” some of the templates as I experiment with tableless CSS. I will be adding content to this site as time goes on to describe features and functionality available with this system.

Although content is sparse, please take note of the fact that this is a fully functional website. Everything works. SIMD and RaWPaDS can be used to deploy websites ranging in size from a single page to hundreds of pages within a brief timespan. This is possible because the system is designed from the top down, meaning that every web page generated is woven into a tightly-knit superstructure that encompasses the entire website or websites. (Yes, SIMD can actually be used to span multiple domains. Our five Ten Spider websites are designed in this manner, interlocked with a common menu system.)

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